Andalusian Festival of Roses


On the track attached to the sports pavilion

Rosas recovers the Andalusian Festival with an extensive program of free activities on September 24 and 25.
Starting at 4pm, performances by the dance and singing schools Sara García, Mónica Lucena and Pilar Sánchez will begin. Exhibitions of dance and songs from Andalusian folklore will,

at 7pm, open the way to a Sevillanes competition open to all. To participate you only need to arrive a few minutes before the start and no prior registration is required.

At night, starting at 10pm, there will be a concert by Javier Gines and the Desafío Flamenco ballet, offering the show 'Lunares'.

On Sunday the festival site will reopen at 12 noon and the program of events will include a Misa Rociera (13 hours) with the participation of the Choir of the Casa Cultural de Andalucía in Alt Empordà, the dance and music exhibition of the Pilar Scho ol Sánchez and students from El Casa Cultural de Andalucía (5pm) and the Toni Torres concert (6pm)