From 6 to 8th September, Castelló d'Empúries makes an exciting journey through time to the middle ages. The Trovador earth festival transforms the population into a great cultural and festive space that revives its medival splendor.

The Land of Troubadours Festival of Castelló D'empúries is one of the first cultural festivals of historical atmosphere in Catalonia and is the most important cultural and festive event of the year that takes place during the second weekend of September.

It is a multidisciplinary and cultural space where the people of Castelló have been reviewing with enthusiasm, and with the open spirit of their past and the Catalan splendor of the Middle Ages, when the capital of the Empúries region was a land of troubadours and the Counts of Empúries were protectors and patrons of Troubadours and minstrels, and even authors of lyrical compositions, as is the case of Count Pono Hug IV (1277-1313) or Infante Peter I (1325-1342).

Check the program on the website and do not miss the most important cultural and festive event of the whole year in Castelló d'Empúries.